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The video with the biggest hits which are on the Net since the beginning of the streaming... The huge hit of Lewsey on Rogers, Lima on Hougard, Chabal on Masoe and others... 5 months to make this vid because it was difficult to find only huge hits... Expect a Sonny Bill Williams hit, all the hits are from Rugby Union. Some of them are dangerous but it is always exciting to see it. I hope you will like it!!


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yellowfox 24/11/2011 20:40

video plus on line non plus :(

benj 20/10/2009 09:18

un travail de recherche et de montage de fou pour un résultat magnifique! bravo et surtout merci pour toutes ces vidéos, bonne continuation

Guetteba 25/05/2009 21:42

POD - Here Comes the Boom

Mc 23/05/2009 22:03

Again an other video with huge tackles, well it's a very good game but what is the name of the soundtrack please?