Super 14 2009: Highlights

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Best tries from Super 2009. The Bulls won the final against the Chiefs 61-17.





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Carlo 15/11/2009 21:44

hi guetteba! i'm your fan since you started to create vids on internet..
i wanna have a favor from you....could you re-upload this video(super 14 2009 highlights)???..i really love this video and i think is the best you have created..... thanks

flo 10/07/2009 23:14

Du rugby à XIII mais à 15 joueurs

GUETTEBA 30/06/2009 19:33

American Hi Fi - The art of loosing
Lostprophets - Can't Catch Tomorow
Sum 41 - Still Waiting

Audrey 21/06/2009 00:06

great your videos, songs are chosen so well with the pictures
and what is the title of the first song please ?? it is enormous

Rugby#13 20/06/2009 23:23

PS: Je parlais de la 1ere musique de la vidéo^^
Merci d'avance.