Tries Compilation 9: Best International Tries of the Year 2009

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To conclude this fantastic year of rugby, I made a video with the best international tries from Six Nations, Tri Nations, Lions Tour, Summer Tests and Autumn Tests... In the video the tries are in my order of preferences. My favourite try of the year is the try of Fourie against Lions, the try shows the power of Springboks during the year 2009. But there are other great tries like the two tries from the Six Nations game Ireland against France at Croke Park in February, individual tries like Heymans or Williams.



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MeTaLxx78 29/01/2011 19:20

Super vidéo continue ainsi :)

Alexis 11/11/2010 15:07

Franchement je suis vraiment très fan de tes vidéos, les musique magnifiques ainsi que les actions ;).

polo1332 31/01/2010 10:25

Pour dire que la vidéo nikel, musique grandiose. D'après moi, l'essai de la France contre l'Irlande à Croke Park est le plus joli essai de la vidéo.

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Dimitri 19/01/2010 17:43

Your blog end yours videos are amazing!!
I always watch one of their before going to play a rugby match for motivate me!!
I look forward the next video!!
thank you for your job!